Learning All About Catering Services

Learning All About Catering Services

Catering For Your House Party: 3 Questions

Andrea Johnson

Hosting a special party or event in your own house can, at first, seem like a fantastic idea. However, as you start to deal with the different decisions that have to be made, the stress can start getting to you. Food can be a particularly challenging part of any party, as you want everyone to enjoy themselves and eat well. A caterer can impress guests and save you time which you can then focus on organizing the rest of the party. Just ensure these six questions are answered to your satisfaction before you use someone for their catering services. 

What Space and Equipment Will You Need?

Caterers and their staff will be bringing food to your home for the party; you already know that. However, they will oftentimes require a certain amount of space to set up and warm up food, depending on the menu you select. They may also need to use your personal oven or refrigerator. To be prepared for the caterer, you must ask how much space they'll need and what kinds of supplies and equipment they'll need from you. As you interview different caterers and consider different ones for the party, ensure that you ask about equipment and space right away. It could affect which catering company you use.

How Many Options are Available?

You may be familiar with some vegetarians who will be attending your party, and most caterers have a vegetarian alternative for those guests. However, you may also know that some people in your social circle are trying to lose weight, while others may be on restricted diets for health reasons. Instead of offering tons of salad and forgetting about it, enter into a dialogue with different caterers about the different meals they can offer that will appease a lot of different diets and tastes. Considering hiring the catering company that can provide the widest variety.

Which Employees Will Be There?

The caterer is unlikely to work alone, especially if your party has more than a few people who plan to attend. Because these people will be spending some time in your personal home, you may ask about whether background checks have been conducted. You might ask for the specific number of people who will be coming and whether they will wear uniforms of some sort. You should also ask how many staffers will be attending so you're sure that your guests will be taken care of well.


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