Learning All About Catering Services

Learning All About Catering Services

3 Flavorful Italian Pizza Toppings You Should Try

Andrea Johnson

Looking for a new topping to get on your pizza? If you are tired of eating plain pizza or pizza with pepperoni slices, you might want to switch things up and try some of the most flavorful and enjoyable Italian pizza toppings that are available. With plenty of great options available, you can easily test out some Italian pizza toppings and decide on the ones you enjoy most because of the way that they enhance the flavor of each slice of pizza.


If you like ham, you will love the taste of prosciutto on your pizza. Commonly added to assorted Italian dishes, prosciutto is a type of cured ham that is loaded with flavor. It brings the perfect amount of saltiness to each pizza slice. It has a slightly smoked flavor that makes it taste like a combination of ham and bacon. It goes great with assorted types of pizza slices, including white pizza slice made with garlic and traditional pizza slices made with marinara sauce.

Italian Basil

Sweet basil, which is commonly known as Italian basil because it is so popular in Italy, it is often used in various Italian dishes. It is easy to find basil in different pasta dishes, but it is also a great topping to have on a slice of pizza. It adds a fresh and slightly sweet taste to each slice. It is often paired with tomato slices and added to both traditional slices and white slices of pizza. Some people even like to have basil and mushrooms added to their pizza.

Italian Sausage

If you prefer having a meaty slice of pizza, Italian sausage is one topping that you should try. Different variations of Italian sausage are available, including sweet options and spicy options that will give your pizza a fiery kick that you might prefer. You can have Italian sausage crumbles or slices added to your pizza to give it more flavor and to make it even more wholesome than it already is.

If pizza is one of your favorite foods but you are getting tired of eating it the same way, you should consider trying a few of the many Italian pizza toppings that can enhance the flavor of each slice. You can find plenty of tasty Italian toppings to choose from, including prosciutto, Italian basil, and Italian sausage. Once you give some of these toppings a try, you may never go back to eating a plain slice of pizza again.


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