Learning All About Catering Services

Learning All About Catering Services

How An Industrial Sausage Linker Helps A Person Create A Fun Side Hustle

Andrea Johnson

Creating a side hustle can be a very rewarding way to make extra money in a way that allows a person to feel creative and inspired. For example, creating various types of specialty sausages can be a fun way to make cash but requires a person to make a little personal investment. Typically, this requires them to buy an industrial sausage linking machine to cut down on time.

Delicious Sausage Can Be a Great Side Hustle

Sausage is a great side hustle because it allows a person to work out of their home and craft delicious meat recipes that they may not have come up with otherwise. And beyond the cost investment of the meat and casings, there isn't a lot of other financial costs. Spices are obviously necessary, as is an oven that can cook great sausage at a perfect temperature and make it consistently tasty.

Creating these recipes and preparing the meat is probably the most fun part of this process. However, potential sausage makers are going to find that they also need to do a lot of hand work. These steps include stuffing sausage into casings, cooking the sausage, and then linking it. Without links, sausage cannot be broken apart easily by customers. Thankfully, linking machines can help.

How Linking Machines Help

Although many part-time sausage makers prefer to tie their links by hand, this process may be too time consuming for somebody doing a side hustle. Having to sit down and individually tie hundreds of sausages is not fun and takes a bit of the joy out of the process. Therefore, it is important to purchase and install an industrial sausage linker in this budding sausage maker's home.

These linkers work by taking the sausage casings and automatically measuring them out and tying them off. Some linkers even cut the sausages off at the link, which is a great option for those who want to sell sausages individually. Those who want to sell them by the roll may want to keep the links though. Whatever method is used, these linkers help save sausage makers a lot of time and money.

As a result, they can focus on the part that they love – creating recipes and cooking sausages – rather than the boring parts of tying off the links. In this way, they can cut down on the hours that they spend at this side hustle while still achieving a high level of success marketing and selling these sausages.


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