Learning All About Catering Services

Learning All About Catering Services

Primary Reasons To Put In Ground Beef Orders To Stock Your Freezer

Andrea Johnson

Getting your meat at the grocery store may seem like your only option for keeping your restaurant's fridge and freezer full. However, you must hedge your shopping on what kind of meat that the store has in its case. You also must trust it to carry enough to meet your restaurant's demands.

Instead of relegating yourself to shopping at a grocery store for your meat, you can buy it from a locker or processing plant that sells whole ground beef orders. You can get the amount, quality, and flavor that you want from your ground beef orders.

Plentiful Supply

A supplier of ground beef orders can typically sell you the amount of meat that you need with which to operate for a full week, if not more. It can accept larger orders for hundreds of pounds of meat, if not more, so you have plenty on hand with which to make your menu offerings.

Further, it can typically accept your whole ground beef orders a week or more in advance. You can base how much meat that you need on the prior week's business pace. You can then place an order for a similar amount of ground beef for your restaurant. The locker or processing plant will fulfill and have it ready for shipping or pickup in time for your restaurant.

Higher Quality

When you place whole ground beef orders from a locker or processing plant, you can typically indicate what kind of quality that you want. You may need your ground beef orders to have a certain fat content, for example. You also may want them to be made from one kind of beef, such as Angus. 

The processing plant can include the right amount of fat in your ground beef to give it the consistency and flavor that you want from it. The butchers that work there can also reserve cuts of Angus strictly for making your ground beef. You avoid getting beef made from other types of beef or ground beef that is too lean or too fatty.

Getting your ground beef orders from a processing plant or meat locker can make sense when you run a restaurant. You cannot bank your success on what local grocery stores have in hand. You can order larger quantities to meet your restaurant's demands. You can also get the fat content and quality that you prefer to serve.

For more information, reach out to a local meat supplier.


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